Advanced Textures Workshop

Amy Davies,, and I hosted a very successful and popular Advanced Textures workshop in Plymouth on Saturday to an eager group of students.   I’m a huge fan of textures and I was really excited to demonstrate some more advanced techniques to the group.  One of the techniques that I love (and use often) is clipping masks…I use them to change the color or appearance of a texture without changing the image underneath that the texture is being applied to.  We also used clipping masks to drop images into frame templates.  Another technique that we worked on was removing a texture from an image while still retaining the color and appearance of the texture itself.  Textures impart not only texture but color to an image so using the eraser tool in Photoshop or using a layer mask and brushing the effect away often leaves an unnatural effect.  Students learned to sample a color on the texture and then how to brush away the effect where needed. Great for portraits and still lifes, etc.

One of my favorite texture collections is by Flypaper textures,, and they generously donated a texture set and offered a 15% discount to my students (code: Betty).  Flypaper textures are my “go to” textures particularly for landscape and scenic shots.  The image above is one of my favorites from Cape Cod and I used “pastel alloy” from the metallic collection.  Thank you Flypaper!

On a separate note, I have to admit that I love teaching…and I have taught in different capacities for many years.  I find it so gratifying to see students who are eager to learn and who are able to apply the techniques they are taught and improve their skills.

Some of the comments I received:

” You are the best teacher I have ever had & that includes High School & College.  You not only inspire me to become better at photography you also make it so much fun to learn.  Thank you so much again.  Can’t wait for your next class”

another student:

“Betty is a remarkable teacher. A gifted artist, she is atuned to the needs of each student and manages to give each one personal attention while moving the whole class forward. In addition to providing revealing insights into Photoshop, she played computer guru- resolving the glitches many of us had with induvidual machines. Well done!”

thank you all – comments like these mean more than I can say!

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