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Cape Cod Whale Watch and Photo Tour

humpback whale

The waters around Cape Cod are teaming with life and starting mid- April, whales are migrating to their summer feeding grounds off the coastline of Massachusetts. Join me along with one of my experienced boat captains for a photo tour into Cape Cod Bay to see and photograph these magnificent animals.  Our tours typically begin in the predawn hours when we leave the docks for our destination where the whales are usually observed. We often see whales surfacing and with any luck, we will observe and photograph various behaviors including feeding, breaching and fluking.

Photo tours are approximately 4-5 hours in duration. Since weather can be a factor for these tours, trips are scheduled during favorable marine conditions when the seas are relatively calm and it’s not excessively windy. We watch the weather closely and we do not go out in adverse conditions. It is important to note that while conditions on land may be great, conditions on the water can be completely different. For that reason, we closely monitor the marine forecasts and reserve the right to cancel if conditions are not safe.  My boat captains hold their captain’s licenses and represent over 40 years combined experience both on the water around Cape Cod and elsewhere along the eastern seaboard.

We will strive to provide you with the best opportunities to see and photograph the whales. Photography instruction will be provided to help you obtain the best images possible. In addition, and most importantly, we want you to have a wonderful time with us while out on the waters of Cape Cod Bay and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife and go home with memories that will last a lifetime.

While commercial whale watch tours are available, they are often extremely crowded, particularly during the summer months, making it very difficult to get good images.  Our tour takes a maximum of 4 participants in addition to the boat captain and myself to ensure uncrowded conditions and maximum shooting opportunities. In addition, since we go out in the early morning hours, we avoid photographing the whales in the harsh light of mid-day.

$475/pp with a minimum of 2 participants with a maximum of 4. A 50% deposit (pp) is required to hold a reservation (100% refundable in the event of bad weather) with the balance due the morning of departure. If booking as a group of 4, the price is $425 pp ($50 savings pp). Detailed information will be provided, along with recommended gear and clothing, two weeks prior to departure. For more information and/or to book a trip, please contact me at

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