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Life After Nik/Google – Exploring other plug-ins such as Luminar (and others)

Life After Nik/Google – Exploring other plug-ins such as Luminar (and others)

This class will be focused on using Luminar (by MacPhun Software which is a great alternative to the popular plug-in Google/NIK plug-in suite used by many photographers. As many of you know, Google recently announced that they would discontinue further support of the Google (formerly NIK) plugin software suite. Luminar is a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as a standalone image editor. This means that there are lots of ways you can use this software in your editing workflow.

Luminar is very easy to use and comes with presets for quick editing and you can change the effects for the exact look you want. In this class, you will learn how to add Luminar to your Lightroom and Photoshop workflow and how to use Luminar in place of Nik/Google’s Color Efex Pro filters. There are a wide variety of presets that you can apply to create quick looks or add finishing touches. You can even use it in lieu of Photoshop if you are a Lightroom-only user. Luminar was initially only a Mac product but a Windows version (currently beta) was just released. Betty will show you how the Luminar interface works and how she uses the many filters, presets, and features to give her images extra pop or a special look. You can quickly create an Orton effect, add a golden hour look to your images, extract details, create a grunge or dreamy look in seconds plus much more!

This is a hands-on class because we believe everyone learns best by practicing and doing instead of simply watching a presentation. Therefore, students are encouraged to bring their own laptops.

Prerequisites: basic computer skills are required and students should know how to find and access files on their own computers. Luminar should be installed and running as there won’t be time during class to install the software.

This class will be held at the Cape Cod Art Association in Barnstable on Route 6A. To register, contact the Cape Cod Art Association at 508-362-2909.



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