Leonard Zakim Bridge at Blue Hour

Leonard P Zakim Bridge

The Leonard P Zakim Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts at night

As a local photographer living on Cape Cod, I don’t often travel into the great city of Boston…mostly because of traffic and the amount of time it takes to get there from the Cape.  Such a shame really because Boston offers so much for photographers.  A great example of this is the Leonard P Zakim Bridge.   A good friend and great photographer, Susan Candelario, came to visit and we visited the Zakim…of course, we wanted to photograph this beautiful landmark during the blue hour and we were rewarded with clear skies and beautiful light…we had to dodge the many walkers and bikers…lots of great compositions can be found here and we particularly loved the great lines from this vantage point…shooting at F16 with my wide angle yielded some nice starburst effects from the lights.  A special shout-out to Lisa Sparrow for taking us there and I can’t wait to go back.


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