Cape Cod: Capturing the Light e-Book

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Just released! Cape Cod: Capturing the Light – A photographer’s guide to Cape Cod by Betty Wiley I am pleased to announce the release of my new e-book “Cape Cod: Capturing the Light – A Photographer’s Guide to Cape Cod” … Read more … >>

Red Eyed Tree Frogs

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Seeing and photographing the beautiful and colorful red-eyed tree frogs has long been on my bucket list.  I was thrilled to finally have the chance last week and this was the result. They are so colorful and cute! For information … Read more … >>

Full moon setting over New York City

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A beautiful full moon setting over the skyline of east side of New York City during the predawn hours with old pilings and the reflections of the buildings seen in the foreground.  This image was taken on Easter morning…what a … Read more … >>

Himalayan Blue Poppies – blue heaven!

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I recently photographed these beautiful Himalayan blue poppies at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania…they have been on my bucket list for a very, very long time.   They are the stars of the show at Longwood Gardens right now but sadly, … Read more … >>

Arctic Gray Wolves

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Last winter, I had the opportunity to photograph wolves and what made this experience so special was that it right after a big snow storm.  The snow created a beautiful background.  My favorite subject was the beautiful arctic gray wolf, … Read more … >>

Bass Harbor Lighthouse at Sunset

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It’s been quite some time since I visited the beautiful and rocky coastline of Acadia, Maine.  Going through the archives, I came across this image I had taken of Bass Harbor Lighthouse bathed in beautiful late afternoon light.  I remember … Read more … >>

Salt Pond Boathouse in Winter

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After yet another winter storm hit Cape Cod yesterday, I decided to get up early and head over to Eastham and the salt pond to photograph the boathouse in winter.  There were still heavy clouds on the horizon, but the … Read more … >>

Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in winter

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Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) have become quite abundant in many parts of the country.  They are mammals and are a member of the Carnivora family.  Their beautiful, thick fur coats and bushy tails make them quite photogenic, particularly in the … Read more … >>

The Freedom Tower and Lower Manhattan

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The Freedom Tower and Lower Manhattan at dusk – as seen across the partially frozen Hudson River with floating chunks of ice and a reflection of the freedom tower can be clearly seen. To purchase a print of Freedom Tower … Read more … >>

Boathouse Row in Philadelphia

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