Cape Cod: Capturing the Light –
A photographer’s guide to Cape Cod

by Betty Wiley

Cape Cod: Capturing the Light - A photographer's guide to Cape Cod

*NOTE: This popular ebook is currently undergoing a major update and therefore the current version is no longer available at this time. Many new locations will be featured and updated information will be provided. If you are interested in purchasing the updated version, please check back or send me an email by clicking on this link to and I will place you on the mailing list when the new, revised version is available (expected by early May, 2020). Please specify in your email that you wish to be notified when the new, revised version of the ebook, Capturing the Light: A Photographer’s Guide to Cape Cod, is available. Thank you!

Written for photographers by a photographer, this e-book features over 107 images and covers many great locations from Sandwich all the way to the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown.

Betty Wiley is a professional free-lance photographer who lives and photographs on Cape Cod and as a result, she is intimately familiar with the Cape.

Her images frequently appear in a various publications including Cape Cod magazine, Chatham magazine, as well as Cape Cod Guide and many of her images have appeared on the covers of those publications.

Cape Cod is known for it’s beautiful scenery and spectacular light and it is a favorite destination for photographers and tourists alike.   If you are making a trip to the Cape, you will find this book invaluable as it details not only when and where to go, but the best times of day and other considerations to get the best shot.

This e-book also provides GPS addresses as well as GPS coordinates (when available) for all locations, as well as technical information such as camera settings, gear and much, much more.

In addition, suggested itineraries are also included to help you plan your trip. This book is perfect for any photographer who is either planning a trip to the Cape, or who has previously been there and is planning to return to discover additional hidden treasures that the Cape has to offer.