Fred Astaire Dance Studio December Showcase

Photographer Amy Davies and I had the pleasure of photographing dancers at a dancing showcase held last Sunday night.  This show featured many, many talented dancers from the Fred Astaire dance studio in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  What a fabulous show…even if you are not a dancer, it is such an enjoyable evening watching the performances and listening to the music.  The photography side was a bit of a challenge due to low, almost non-existant light a times as well as the use of colored lights which resulted in difficult, mixed lighting.  Thank goodness for today’s advanced digital cameras as we were discouraged against using flash for fear that it would distract the dancers.  Fortunately, my Canon 5D Mark III was up to the task.  I pumped up the ISO in some instances to as high as ISO 6400 and threw caution to the wind, knowing that NIK’s define noise removal program would do a good job of removing the digital noise. The color cast issue was another issue entirely and many images I converted to black and white – fortunately, given the vintage feel that I was looking for, particularly with some of the answers and their costumes, the black and white conversions worked.   I mostly used aperture priority and AI-servo mode on my camera to capture the action as the dancers were moving all over the stage.  One of my favorite shots when photographing dance is to capture the swirl of the dresses and moving feet.

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