HDR Expose software from Unified Color

HDR image created with Unified Color’s Expose 3

I have had a love/hate relationship with many HDR software programs until recently when Unified Color recently launched their new HDR software, HDR Expose 3.  I have been a fan of Unified Color and their HDR Express program for a number of years but the new version of Expose is fantastic and it handles tone-mapping and color better than any other program I have used in the past.   Their software utilizes 32-bit images and an improved algorithm resulting in the most natural colors I have seen to date in HDR software.   I recently had a chance to put HDR Expose to the test during an interior architectural photo shoot during an assignment I had for a local magazine and I was very pleased with the natural looking results.  The interior of this home was photographed during the middle of the day with light streaming in through the many windows.  It was critical that the windows did not appear blown out and that a natural look was achieved.  If you haven’t tried Unified Color’s HDR software, HDR Express and HDR Expose, you should check out their website and download a trial version of their software http://www.unifiedcolor.com

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