Himalayan Blue Poppies – blue heaven!

Himalayan Blue Poppies

Two beautiful himalayan blue poppies in bloom with a bud

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Beautiful himalayan Blue Poppy in full bloom

I recently photographed these beautiful Himalayan blue poppies at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania…they have been on my bucket list for a very, very long time.   They are the stars of the show at Longwood Gardens right now but sadly, they aren’t around for very long.  I’ve never seen a more beautiful shade of blue…or a more beautiful flower.  Poppies of all shades are some of my favorite flowers, but this shade of blue absolutely steals my heart.  These beauties are the national flower of Bhutan and apparently, are notoriously difficult to grow.  They belong to the genus of the flowering plants, Papaveraceae.

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