NECCC – 2018

Moonset over New YorkCity

Full moon setting during the predawn hours over New York City

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be presenting at the New England Camera Club Council Conference in Amherst next June!  I will doing two programs as well as a longer pre-conference workshop on various topics using Lightroom.  The two programs are entitled “Get Creative with Lightroom” and “Lightroom Mobile for the iPhone and Tablet” and the longer pre-conference workshop is “Creating Editing Techniques in Lightroom”.

I’ve been using Lightroom nearly since it was first introduced almost 10 years ago and it’s a program that I can’t live without.  With every new update, the program gets better and adds new features. The latest update includes faster performance well as a powerful new range masking feature in the Develop Module.  I’m doing more and more these days in Lightroom and I find the times that I need to use Photoshop becoming less and less. In terms of editing, even some of the more creative editing techniques that I used to do in Photoshop I can now do in Lightroom.  I’m looking forward to  demonstrating the unique and creative looks that can be done easily and quickly in Lightroom and some lesser known, advanced editing techniques as well.

Lightroom Mobile allows you to use Lightroom on your mobile devices such as your smart phone and tablet.  If you are using Lightroom and are a subscriber to the Creative Cloud plan from Adobe, you have the ability to use Lightroom Mobile (either with Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC) and you can sync your photos across all your devices. This means you can capture, organize, edit and share photos from just about anywhere.  In this class, I will demonstrate how I use Lightroom mobile and how easy it is to view and edit images practically anywhere on a mobile device and how to sync those changes back to a desktop computer or laptop using Lightroom.   I will also show you how to use the camera feature in Lightroom mobile.

Watch this blog for more information on NECCC.  This is truly an event that you won’t want to miss…next year’s conference promises to be the best ever.  Hope to see you there!

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