sometimes it all comes together, part 2

sunset at greys beach

I love this time of year on Cape Cod when the marshes turn color.  It’s also my favorite time of year because the days are shorter, the weather is cooler, crowds are mostly gone and October is a month where we can have some pretty dramatic weather.  On this particular evening, I headed over to one of my favorite spots near my home to photograph the marsh grass over the boardwalk.  Because it had been a rainy, stormy day and it was starting to clear, I was hoping that the clouds would lift at the horizon before sunset…when this happens, it often creates very dramatic light.  When the marshes turn color in the fall, sunset and the resulting light on the grasses is a sight to behold and I knew the effect that I was looking for…I just needed the sun and clouds to cooperate.  Although the effect was very fleeting, I managed to capture the sun as it dipped below the clouds before disappearing below the horizon…my aperture was set to F16 to get the effect of the sunburst and to maximize my depth of field so everything in the foreground to the end of the boardwalk would be sharp.  I used a wide angle lens (16-35mm) on my Canon 5D Mark III full-frame camera, cable release and of course, I was shooting from a sturdy tripod (Gitzo).  I focused on the boardwalk about 1/3 into the scene and took two shots…one image was exposed for the sky and the other for the foreground.  Both images were then brought into Photoshop and blended together using layers and masks.  Only basic edits were performed and while the colors appear to be somewhat saturated, I can assure you that there were no hue/saturation adjustments on this image.  Sometimes it just all comes together…

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