White horses of the Camargue

white horses of camargue

Beautiful, white horses of the Camargue running through the water.

I grew up around horses and perhaps that is why I love photographing them…heck, I love photographing horses almost as much as birds.  As a horse lover, can you imagine the thrill I felt to be traveling to the Camargue region of France to photograph the famous white horses?  They are everywhere…eating and doing what horses do…our trip was put together by Carol Walker, a well-known equine photographer, http://www.livingimagescjw.com, who arranged shoots so that we could get the iconic shots of the white horses running through the surf and kicking up spray.  I can’t describe how exciting it was to see a dozen or so white horses charging right at my camera.  For the most part, I used a 100-400 mm lens so I could have a versatile focal length to work with.  I used my Canon 1Dx so I could compose and shoot quickly (love that camera).   I also brought my 24-105 mm lens which I didn’t use all that often, but a super wide angle lens such as a 16-35mm lens was a nice lens to have in the bag in order to get wide scenic shots, particularly when there were beautiful clouds and sky (which was often).    We had been warned about mosquitoes but to be honest, we were hardly bothered by the pesky critters as, most of the time, there was a brisk breeze which kept them away.   The Camargue is such a great area and you’re not limited to photographing the white horses as that area is also known for it’s large population of flamingos.  The Pont du Gal ornithological park is nearby and it’s well worth a visit and while we were there, the red poppies were in bloom in some of the fields nearby.  Oh…and did I mention the food?  Fabulous…that’s all I can say.  The popular seaside of Sainte Marie de la Mer is nearby also…very popular with tourists, of course but when we were there in May it wasn’t terribly crowded.  There are a number of photographers who lead trips to the Camargue so if you are interested, check them out…it’s well worth a visit.

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