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Introduction to Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom mobile for your iphone and tablet – NEW class!

Lightroom Mobile basically allows you to use Lightroom on your mobile devices such as your smart phone and tablet. If you are using Lightroom and are a subscriber to the Creative Cloud plan from Adobe, you have the ability to use Lightroom and you can sync your photos across all your devices. This means you can capture, organize, edit and share photos from just about anywhere! If you are using Lightroom but don’t have the Creative Cloud subscription, you can still use the camera feature in Lightroom mobile as well as the organizational and sharing tools and most of the editing features.

In this class, I will demonstrate how I use Lightroom mobile and how easy it is to view and edit images practically anywhere on a mobile device and how to sync those changes back to a desktop computer or laptop using Lightroom. I will also show you how to use the camera feature in Lightroom mobile.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of Lightroom mobile and how it works
  • Setting up Lightroom mobile on your computer and mobile device
  • Viewing and Editing photos
  • Editing images in Lightroom Mobile
  • Using the camera feature in LR mobile on your iphone or tablet.
  • Syncing with Lightroom mobile from your desktop or laptop computer (this feature only available with the Creative Cloud subscription)

This class will primarily consist of a demonstration on the set-up, features and use of Lightroom mobile however participants are invited to bring their mobile devices to follow along.

This class will be held at the Cape Cod Art Association in Barnstable on Route 6A. To register, contact the Cape Cod Art Association at 508-362-2909.

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