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Introduction to Using Lightroom CC (mobile) on your Mobile Device. New class for 2019!

Using Lightroom CC on your mobile device

Introduction to Using Lightroom CC (Mobile) on your mobile device!

Kick off the new year by learning new skills to add to your editing toolkit! One of the great things about Lightroom is that you can use Lightroom on your mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad (or Android phone or tablet).  Editing is surprisingly easy and many of the edits that you are accustomed to using already in Lightroom Classic on your desktop computer are found in Lightroom CC (Mobile) although the layout may be a bit different than what you are used to.  One of the best parts about using Lightroom CC for your mobile device is that you can sync images in your collections from your Lightroom Classic desktop app on your computer with the Lightroom app on your mobile device. It’s easy to keep it updated with new images and I often use it to show clients and friends my images instead of directing them to my website.  Note that Lightroom CC (mobile) works with Lightroom Classic on your desktop or laptop computer!

Lightroom CC mobile makes it easy to share images on social media. You can even do further editing on your images by saving them to your camera roll which I often do as I love using Google’s Snapseed, Distressed Fx and other editing apps on my iPhone. You can even do a slideshow right from your mobile device. If you have Apple TV, it works with that, too.

Below is a summary of some of the things you can do with Lightroom mobile:

  • Capture photos using the Lightroom camera app (which is excellent!)
  • Upload images to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc directly from Lightroom mobile
  • Edit images and syncing those edits with the images on your desktop computer
  • Review and sort images on your device on the go by using star ratings, etc.
  • Convenience of having your images with you on your phone similar to a website that you would show clients and friends
  • Can do slideshows right from your device
  • Works with Apple TV where you can view images and videos
  • Saving images from Lightroom mobile to your camera roll allows you to do further editing with your favorite apps on your mobile phone (such as Snapseed!).

Students should  come to class with Lightroom installed on their laptop and the Lightroom CC mobile app installed on their mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Tablet or other Android Device and Lightroom Classic CC installed on their laptops.

This class is being held on Thursday, January 31 at the Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable. For more information and to sign-up, please click on this link:

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