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Photoshop: Color Toning and Light Shaping class at Cape Cod Art Center


Photoshop: Learn my processing secrets! Color Grading and Light Shaping (repeat of my class in 2019)

Description: This class will focus on the various techniques that I use in Photoshop when working with color and light in my images. Students will learn how to maximize the potential in their images by adding dramatic light and color. I will show you how to use the various types of adjustment layers to add, modify and change the colors and/or tones in your images as well as how to “paint” with color and how to use color gradients and color fill layers. I will also cover fixing problems such as color casts in your images and how to use selective color to modify existing colors, such as turning a summer scene into fall. I will also cover ways to modify and add light in Photoshop to add interest and depth to images and I will show you my preferred method for dodging and burning and adding custom vignettes. This is a repeat of a popular class from last year and I hope you can join me!

Class Prerequisites: This class is aimed at students who have familiarity with Photoshop and want to take their skills to the next level. Students must have a working knowledge of using Photoshop to take this class and possess basic computer skills and have a computer that is in good working condition. Students should have a recent version of Photoshop (Photoshop 2019 or higher is recommended) installed on their computers.

This class will be taught at the Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable (Cape Cod)

For more information and to register, call 508-362-2909 or go to this link:

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